It’s a Busy Life!

The weeks leading up to Stanley going back to Tanzania, our little family was busier than ever. It felt a bit like the schedule we had a few months ago, when Nunu decided to be born 3 weeks early! We had a second Food Event at the Grange here on Whidbey Island, with another great turnout. This time, instead of us bringing all of the yummy home-cooked Tanzanian style dishes, we opened it up to the public to try their shot at an African dish and bring it for everyone to share. I cannot express to you what an amazing spread it was! This island is full of talent, and apparently cooking is one of them! I can’t wait to hold another potluck and see what people come up with.

We also visited Langley Middle School for a second time. The 7th graders are all pumped up to help raise money for the School of Joy by doing a Service Learning Project! It was exciting to hear some of their ideas. They plan to do activities like; organize a school dance benefit, hold a dinner fundraiser, do a jewelry making class or dance class, hold a car wash or have a bake sale!

Go for it 7th graders!


We also squeezed in a few travel talks and information nights about our charity project, The School of Joy, and upcoming related Charity Trips like the Kilimanjaro Climb and Adventure Charity Safari.

My favorite nights were the talks at Seattle’s International Youth Hostel at the American Hotel where we showed slides and had a great dialogue with the audience, and the intimate setting at Dr. Dan’s Chiropractic office in Fremont where Stanley was able to share about Tanzania and Maasailand on a more personal level with another great group of people.

So what are Stanley and Nunu and I up to now? Well, Stanley has been hosting my mid-wife and her husband who are in Tanzania with him now! They have been staying at the House of Joy and from my first conversation with Cynthia a few days after they arrived I know that they are having a great time. She likened our garden at the House of Joy to the Garden of Eden! When we spoke they had just attended a church service and enjoyed it thoroughly and were in the process of having a Maasai barbecue at home, a goat having been slaughtered in her honor for delivering our baby! They are just back from their 5 day safari and I’ve been receiving short updates from Stanley that Cynthia must be connected to nature because she attracted some pretty amazing wildlife action up close and personal. I’m waiting in anticipation for all of the details.

In the meantime, little Nunu and I are missing Stanley horribly. We are working hard to get prepared for our safari to Tanzania so our family can be rejoined!

Stay tuned for more CLUSA News!

Our mid-wife Cynthia with Stanley, Nunu and myself before their Journey to Tanzania.

Our mid-wife Cynthia with Stanley, Nunu and myself before their Journey to Tanzania.


Quote of the day

“Perhaps travel cannot prevent bigotry, but by demonstrating that all peoples cry, laugh, eat, worry, and die, it can introduce the idea that if we try and understand each other, we may even become friends.” Maya Angelou